Robert  A. J.  Matthews
Visiting Reader in Science
Aston University
Birmingham B4 5ET
Tel. +44 (0)121-333 4631 (daytime only)

Email: rajm(
    Brief Biography

    One June day in 1981, I woke up to find myself in the middle of something
    called "Natural Science Finals" at Oxford. Apparently, I had gone up to
    Corpus Christi College in 1978 to read physics, but for the life of me I can't
    remember anything about it. They grudgingly gave me a degree anyway, and
    I left before they called Security.

    Just in case they're still looking for me, I've taken to wearing two different
    hats, one for academia and another for science writing. The links at the bottom
    of this page give some idea what happens when I swap between them.

    Other stuff

    I've written a few books: these two came out in 2005: click on the
    covers for a description and contents list:


    I also do what I can to prevent this small nation and its art and
    culture from being airbrushed out of existence:

    Just showing this flag will get you a kicking and a prison term from
    the occupying forces there. So wind 'em up by clicking on the link.