My new book – “Chancing It” – now available on Amazon

My latest book is Chancing It: The laws of chance and what they can do for you  (London: Profile Books, 2016 £14.99 hardback). It’s a guide to what everyone should know about what probability is, how it works – and when it’s being abused by those who should know better, like scientists, medics and the media.

Chancing It cover“At a time when mathematics needs charismatic ambassadors more than ever, Matthews has written a book of significance”

        – Oliver Moody, The Times

“Matthews has the knack of explaining things clearly for the nonspecialist, leavening the formulae with intriguing snippets of history and biography”.

        – Ian Critchley, The Sunday Times

One thought on “My new book – “Chancing It” – now available on Amazon

  1. It is just two hours ago that DHL delivered your book “Chancing it” I
    had ordered from Amazon. Congratulations. What a great book!! I have
    only read so far a few chapters. Your chapter 23 “A scandal of
    significance” is by far the best treatise I have ever seen on the
    misuse and dangers of the p-value. This chapter alone should make your
    book a must for every student (and teacher).

    Best Henk

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