My latest book (February 2016) is Chancing It: The laws of chance and what they can do for you  (London: Profile Books, £14.99 hardback). It’s a guide to what everyone should know about what probability is, how it works – and when it’s being abused by those who should know better, especially scientists, medics and the media.

I’ve published several other books over the years, which have been translated into over a dozen languages;  details on my author page on Amazon.

Reviews of Chancing It  in the national media

Chancing It cover“At a time when mathematics needs charismatic ambassadors more than ever, Matthews has written a book of significance” – Oliver Moody, The Times

“Matthews has the knack of explaining things clearly for the nonspecialist, leavening the formulae with intriguing snippets of history and biography” – Ian Critchley, The Sunday Times

Reviews on Amazon – Average Customer Rating: 5 stars 

“Full of examples, this is a stimulating journey through a subject which affects us all. You do not need to be a skilled mathematician to enjoy this excellent book” – Dr Barry Clayton [Top 500 Reviewer]