Media CV

After graduating in physics from Oxford University, my journalistic career began on business magazines, followed by 17 years at The Times and The Sunday Telegraph as a specialist correspondent and columnist.

I have also written for many publications in the UK and abroad, including: The Economist, The Financial Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Evenining Standard,  Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Daily Express, Sunday Express, The Sunday Correspondent, The Spectator, New Scientist, Scientific American, Prospect, Reader’s Digest, Design, Astronomy Now, FourFourTwo.

As a journalist I have won various awards:

  • Feature Writer of the Year – Association of British Science Writers;
  • Specialist Writer of the Year (Highly Commended) – Periodical Publishers Awards (3 times);
  • Columnist of the Year – Institute for Economic Affairs

I have also broken many major stories, including:

  •  The cancer threat posed by radioactive radon gas trapped in UK homes (Building magazine, April 1983)
  •  How the UK Met Office failed to predict the Great Storm,  while French meteorologists succeeded (The Times,  October 1987)
  •  Why the pilots were wrongly blamed for the Kegworth Air Disaster of 1989 (The Sunday Correspondent November 1990)
  •  How juries are being misled by forensic scientists over the meaning of DNA match probabilities evidence (New Scientist April 1994)
  •  How fundamentally flawed methods used by scientists are leading to unreliable “breakthroughs” (The Sunday Telegraph September 1998)
  •  The first admission by multinational food companies of their awareness that their products can trigger opioid reactions in the brain linked to over-eating (The Sunday Telegraph July 2003)
  •  How superfluous clinical trials are putting tens of thousands of patients at unnecessary risk (New Scientist 2005)

I am currently a consultant and columnist for BBC Focus and The National (UAE), and an occasional contributor to other publications.