Scientific consultancy

My scientific consultancy work focuses on the following areas; to discuss your specific requirements, just drop me a line via the form below.

  • Scientific input to print, broadcast and PR projects   

Science and technology are the basis of many high-impact stories and media campaigns. I have 30+ years of experience in helping non-specialist journalists, producers and researchers understand the often complex concepts underpinning a storyline.  The focus is always on meeting the twin goals of output that is simultaneously entertaining and accurate.

Clients include: National magazines and newspapers in the UK and abroad; TV production companies.

Specific areas include: Consultancy on emerging storylines; guidance on finding relevant academic research and experts; acting as scientific consultant on popular-level science series.

  • Communicating complex ideas to diverse audiences.

I have wide-ranging experience in helping clients faced with communicating complex ideas to diverse audiences.  My work draws on several decades as an academic in fields ranging from astrophysics to computer science, as a syndicated writer, and as a speaker at international gatherings of both expert and lay audiences.

Clients include: international research programmes, national and international trade bodies, learned societies, government departments, university departments.

Specific areas include: risk communication, policymaker engagement, public outreach and education.

  • Providing scientific input to media campaigns 

Science is a much sought-after source of credibility for media campaigns and public outreach programmes.  However, done badly – or spuriously – it can also lead to serious reputational damage.  I have advised clients on the existence of relevant, well-sourced science and how to present it accurately.  I also draw on my extensive media experience to advise on minimising the risk of distortion and misunderstanding.

Clients include:  Multinational consumer electronics companies, international PR Agencies.

Specific areas include:  Credibility assessment of draft campaign proposals, guidance on what can and cannot be said, identification of relevant research.

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